Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Leaving Home....and Fifty Shades and Anna and The French Kiss

I have to tell you that as scared as I am to be leaving into the unknown I am so excited to be leaving home and my family. I know that sounds terrible but I really need to get out of here. My relationship with my parents is kind of strained. We're definitely not close but it's not like we're living separate lives either. We just don't get along, which is normal but it's like we never get along. I love my family, I do, but the only one I'm really close to is my little sister. I think once I leave we'll be able to appreciate each other more. I don't know if anyone else feels that way about leaving home but I'm super excited and terrified.

There are two situations I hear about. The first and most common is that the parents are really sad to be leaving their kid(s) and their relationship thrives. The other one is the person is so ready to leave because the relationship is like mine, a little strained. I actually know of a mom and daughter who have had that relationship and they both said that their relationship did a 180 turn for the better. That's what I hope happens to my relationship with my family, and I think it will. However, since we're really not close as it is I don't know, I think at the least it will become much more cordial. I don't know what will happen but hopefully this changes for the best!

On that kind of depressing note I really want to move to Washington state!
Ahhh, so exciting! Well, it will be if I actually do it. So what brought on this spur of the moment decision? A few things actually. One is I was just there in June for the first time and I loved it. We were in Seattle for a day and I just loved the feeling of it. And I loved the weather, I actually like the cold so this was perfect for me! So there's that and the fact that, like I said I love the cold. I've been trying to decide where I may move after college, the problem is my family wants to move down south, south east to be specific. You can also get a lot more house for your money down there but it's so damn hot and humid, like death! I just don't know if I could deal with that, and no snow! How is it a Christmas without snow? Anyway so I want to stay somewhere where you experience all the seasons. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful. I'd really loved Seattle but I'd want to live about an hour away maybe. So, my next reason is the books I'm Fifty Shades of Grey, is set there. And thinking there could be some gorgeous CEO who will sweep you off your feet, not to mention Christen and Ana's relationship is exactly what I want in a relationship. I know some people think it's crazy and hate this book but I really enjoy them because it's exaclty what I want. Thank God I don't have any followers because I'm sure some people would have something to say about it. The thing is, I'm not a feminist at all, now I do believe that women should and can kick ass and be a beast in the business and work world. I just think there's something nice about feeling protected and loved. Maybe a post on that later. Anyway, I really want to move there, I think. This will probably blow over in time, just like my dog. And tears will be shed. But right now it's a nice dream to have.
Anyway the thought of Washington which lead to Fifty Shades led me to the main characters Christen and Ana, Christen who happens to have a sister who lives in Paris while learning to cook. And all this related to Anna and the French Kiss, a book I'm also reading right now. First because Anna = Ana, and second because she's going to a boarding school in France! She has connections to Fifty Shades and me because we both are leaving are family. Anyway my fellow book bloggers have been raving and raving about this book since it came out in 2010. So I'm finally reading it, only 18 pages in but I just started it yesterday and was more than a little occupied with Fifty. But I really wanted to get it read before I leave for college. I'm really glad to find so many similarities between us, well the whole new school away from the family thing anyway. Hopefully it'll make me feel a little better about leaving. I should probably get back to reading.....and finding a dog breeders/ resuces. Yes, I know, I'm hopeless! Have a GREAT day!

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