Monday, July 30, 2012

High School Counselors, Yay or Nay


So this post is, of course, is about my worries about college. I mean, obviously, I think about it a lot, especially as the moving day draws near. Anyway as I was thinking I started to think back to where my college journey began, in high school senior year with my parents and my counselor. Remember that meeting, the meeting of the future that will set your life in stone for the next four years and, well, that pretty much includes how the rest of your life too. Okay, maybe it's not that bad but you're still making big decisions or at least starting to contemplate big decisions. Anyway so I was thinking, my high school prided itself on preparing it's students for college. And I mean they really prided themselves on it. Wait a second.....they prepared me for college?! Uh, no. Okay well we were a college class school, meaning our classes were set up like college, the work load and how the teachers taught. The counselors prepared us to get into college, the applications and such. So all was good, I kind of wondered at the time if we were going to get any other helpful tips or meetings about college life and adjusting a whatnot but it never happened, we did get a going to college magazine though.

Prepared for college! What! What do you mean you prepared me for college! Every day my mind wanders to college and how it's going to be and I'm totally freaked out. Where were all the helpful things and advice about actually moving out of your parents home and into a 8X8 room! (Size of room varies per college). Oh wait a minute, I'm sorry, that's right, they gave us a 24 page magazine. How could I forget. Silly me. I read that a while ago. Wait a second, I read that a while ago and I'm still freaking out! Where's the section on orientation day, or making friends, community bathrooms!  Oh my God, I'm going into college almost 90% blind. Crap!

Okay so now for the serious side of this post. Basically it amounts to high school and high school counselors only being good for getting you in to college, after that it's like they say "sigh-a-nara (I have no idea how you spell that word) baby!" "Good luck, congratulations on graduating." "Thanks for attending our high school." Well gee thanks so much for all your college preparation. Seriously, I feel like they did absolutely nothing to prepare me for a very important part of college, living with many other people. So I have one roommate, was two but one already got moved (of course the one I could actually find on facebook). Anyway, nothing about life. Like I said the magazine thing helped a little but most of it was common sense. So now it looks like something I'll have to figure out for myself. Thank God for youtube and the internet so there is some info out there about things like community bathrooms (my worry of the day). So basically don't count on your counselors to tell you much, at least not if you don't ask.

Again this post went a little different than intended. (Yes, I've got to stop doing that). So hopefully I'll get my original ideas out later.

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