Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No Dog plus Reading

So after my weak day, I was strong enough to decide that getting a dog and only having about two months to train and get to know her/him would be super unfair of me put all that on her/him and my family. Sadly no dog now, hopefully right after college I'm in a place where I can finally have the dog of my dreams! And hopefully there will be another Sweet Cheeks out there somewhere, cheaper would be nice too!

Onto reading. I think I mentioned that I love to read, but let me clarify, I LOVE to read. Therefore I'm on Goodreads and have another blog all having to do with books. I used to read so much, until a program called IB, or International Baccalaureate, came into my life. It's basically like AP except instead of advanced placement it's all college courses for high school. Anyway I was full IB, meaning all my core classes plus extra were IB, except criminal justice which I just had to take, and I'm glad to have taken it. So after that my reading slowed and slowed into just reading textbooks. Slowly but surely I was trying to get back into it but since it's summer I've really been trying. Back to Goodreads, every year I've been trying to complete their challenge of books per year. And so far I've lost, the first year I set the goal of 200 books, my first year of IB. Yeah, definitely didn't accomplish that. The next year it was 100 books and my second year in IB, that didn't work either. This year I thought I'd make it a lot simpler and go for 35, I'm not sure why I didn't make it a more general number like 25 but whatever. So far I've read 10 books and am 10 books behind. But this post is all about progress.

Progressions are being made! One of the things I've had a major problem with is buying books. What many people don't realize is how expensive they are, about $10 a book! So five books is $50, that's kind of a lot, and a summer or two ago I was on a buying spree. Now I have tons of books and tons not read because of my lack of reading. This summer I've been trying to rectify that. My real goal is to read the books that I was super excited to buy because I've noticed that, personally, if I let a book sit on my self I become a little un-excited/un-inspiried to read them. I also have a slight problem starting books, because I know that there are a few chapters worth of boring character setting.

So, I've been trying to read some of my series books. I tended to buy lots of books in a series but then not read them for a while, because I would book/series hop, so to speak. I also did it so that I would have time in between to think about the series and appreciate it. Hence my current series reading streak. That and like I said before, I've been trying to read all those books that I've read bought, especially before buying more to add to my selfs. Within the past year I've been pretty good about buying books too. I have however bought some. My latest issue is I have a few continuation of series books that I really want to buy as well as some new ones. All together I got it down to 17 books at about $160, without tax. I'm not really sure what to do as I don't want to spend that much money, however I did get a small bonus from work, obviously not near enough to cover the cost. But even if it was I always feel guilty spending my money.

Anyway, like the dog, we'll just have to see what happens.

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