Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Week but One Day and a Phone Call

 I'm pretty sure that I mentioned that I still needed to call my roommate, and that she called. SO I have actually called her back, the next morning. We talked for almost an hour. She seems nice so that's good. From what it sounds like she's a neat person with lots of clothes, a new kitten, and sounds like she likes to work out. I love dogs, am not a neat freak but still neat, am in desperate need to go shopping for new clothes, and could afford to lose a few pounds which = I'm not super into working out. Still hopefully it'll work out. I really don't know how we talked for that long, she seems to be a talker though, and someone who likes to talk about herself, not in a bad way though. It's more to get info across than bragging. Either way she seems really nice, and I hope we both become friends. Or at least roommate friends. We got all of our room stuff figured out which is nice. I don't want to jinx anything but I have positive feelings going into this. Fingers Crossed!

It's that time, to this day exactly I have one week. In fact, at this time next week, I'll hopefully be unpacking everything or have just unpacked everything. Among never living away from home I've never moved before either, and packing and unpacking sounds terrible. Of course, as usual I'm freaking out. Both fortunately and unfortunately I'm very busy, so hopefully my mind won't be on it too much. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut then going out with my elementary school best friend, we went to different high schools, as well as went different directions interest wise, and kind of lost touch. Hopefully it's not too awkward. She's quite popular, gorgeous and dances, definitely not like me. Anyway it's just dinner, and she said something about shopping, I'm hoping not. Anyway hopefully that goes well. So then there's Thursday, two of my best friends and I are going to the zoo! That's super exciting, especially since I haven't seen one of them since she went to England. It'll be great to see her since she's moving states away, unlike the rest of us. So that will be great. Friday is actually free right now, but there are some plans in the works. Saturday my parents decided to throw me a graduation party against my wishes. None of my friends can make it since they're booked like me. So my parents invited a bunch of their friends. It's more their party than anything. So that will be loads of fun. Sunday we have a family reunion that I don't want to attend. Honestly it's just a bunch of people that I haven't met anyway, but my parents say I'll probably never see them again together, or otherwise. Of course I respond "Well I've never met them anyway so what does it matter?". Alas, I'm going though. Then comes Monday, so far another free day, but again plans in the works. Either way I'm planning on having Friday or Monday free from any plans, so I'll at least have one more day to relax at home and do whatever I want. Then the big T! I hate Tuesdays by the way. Somewhere I read why Tuesdays just don't make any sense. Monday is the day when people go back to work from their weekend breaks, Tuesday is just pointless, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is Vampire Diaries, also the day before Friday, Friday is the last day of the work/ school week, Saturday is great, Sunday is good but back to Monday the next day. See, Tuesdays are just kind of pointless, although there needs to be a Tuesday so there can be the Wednesday hump. Anyway, Tuesday is the big day. I have to get up super early, like four or five. Well, we need to leave at like four or five. Anyway I still haven't packed a single thing and still need to do last minute shopping. I'm a little stressed and so glad now that I didn't wait to make this past weekend my lasts days at work, as I originally had planned it. Oh and still have to complete this online course that we're supposed to have done before school starts. I think I'll get on that after this post. Even though I'm super busy and very behind I know it'll all come together and be okay. Scary but okay. Off to finish my first college course online, and then read a little.

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