Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quick Update!

I still haven't talked to my roommate yet but I just stumbled upon a photo of her! Okay it wasn't exactly by accident. I couldn't find her on facebook, which I thought was weird, but then I don't have a facebook either so I guess it's not that weird. Just a little because I thought pretty much everyone had one except me. Anyway I just checked to make sure she is still my roommate because I'm planning on calling her soon...ish. So I thought I'd google her just to see what came up, and I found her photos from graduation. Yes it's totally creepy. But I have every right to know who I'm going to be living with for a whole year right? I just wanted to know a little about her. Plus I'm pretty sure everyone else with a roommate is doing the exact same thing. You never know about people. Plus it doesn't help that one of my friends, who has a lot of older siblings, told me that all her siblings had weird creepy roommates. She has four older siblings! How could everyone of them get a weird roommate. Just luck I guess. Anyway, from the pictures she looks nice. Fingers crossed that that's true and hopefully we get along really well. Becoming good friends would be really nice, but for now we'll go with cordial roommates.

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