Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Down to the Wire

Countdown 4....
And the countdown has begun! Well, it's been counting down for a while but it's closer than ever, both closer than I ever want and not soon enough. I have four more free days until the big move. I'm lucky to say that I only have one party and a family reunion to go to on the weekend. SO, tomorrow I'm basically free. Which means I'll finally start to pack and get things done, as well as hopefully relax. Then Monday will probably be the same, with no relaxing. 
A short review of my past few days has been this. So Sunday I went to the state fair with my one of my best friends and we had an awesome time! We ate a ton of good food and did a lot of window shopping. We also went somewhere else but it's a long story, I may or may not add it later. Monday flew by, I had a to get a shot before school so they squeezed me in for that, after that I was home. Tuesday was another home day, thank goodness and we got granite counter tops, fun fun. Wednesday was complicated. I had a hair appointment at 9 AM but my hairdresser overslept so we probably didn't start until 10 AM and I didn't get out until about 1 PM. At 7:30 I went to an old friends house and we went out to dinner. We haven't really seen each other since middle school and don't have much in common now, we were best friends in elementary school, so I thought it might be super awkward. It was a little at first but it turned out good and afterwards we went back to her house and I talked with her and her family. I didn't get home until about 2 AM. That brings us to today, my outing back to my high school to pick up some things, and then the zoo. It was amazing! Mostly because two of my best friends were there that I may not see until winter break. That's crazy! So it was really good to see them and spend one last day together before we leave and see each other again. It was also a-la-cart so lots of yummy food that isn't normally there, but my god was it expensive! So we had an awesome time and now I'm finally home. These last few days have felt super busy and jam packed and I'm truly exhausted right now. I'm glad I have a free day tomorrow, although I do have to go to my grandma's house to help her out with something. But other than that, I'm free! The thought is so exciting. 

Well not much else to tell at this point, other than I may not be posting as much because with packing and events I'm being forced to attend are going to be keeping me pretty busy. Oh and I think I may have the flu which is not okay at this stage in the game! Well, it is what it is.

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