Friday, August 17, 2012

Do You Ever Just Hate Everyone

For some reason, today I hate everyone. Well I actually know the reason. What makes it even better was that my day didn't start off this way, it was actually a good day. So here's what happened. My parents thought it'd be a wonderful idea to have a graduation party the weekend before I left, literally three days before I leave for college. What a great idea. Hell no!

So I knew about this party for a while and have both threatened to not attend and/or get myself a graduation gift, a dog. But while my threats are potentially harmful to them and their cause, we both know it won't happen. Anyway so today my dad stayed home from work to do things and my mom is now home cleaning and cooking. You see, we just got granite counter tops so everything on them, and in cabinets below was deposited in the formal dining room, and now it's a mess. So she's trying to get everyone to clean and help her out, I know it sounds busy but I'm not. I don't really care about this party, I mean yes, everyone is essentially coming for me, but I didn't want this party at all! In fact the thing that put me over the edge was when my mom said I was ungrateful. You know what, you bet I am! You can't be ungrateful for something you never wanted, asked very nicely not to have, then even pleaded with not to have. I knew I was going to be swamped with stuff to do and people to see, and they were still stupid enough to have this damn party. Worse is that they're inviting all their friends and people who I don't even know that well. So today, I have grown to hate people, everyone, and have no desire to ever see another living person again.

Now even though it might seem like I'm a bitchy person I've actually been raised to be super polite, so I'll be having to go around to each and every person and small talk with them and basically acting like I'm having a great time. It's going to be so stupid. I honestly can't wait for it to just be over with so I can go to bed, wake up early to go see some friends, go to a reunion, and finally be back home with one last day before I leave.

Like I said I know I sound like a total bitch but let me explain why. First this party is all about my parents, not me. They did not respect my wishes. I honestly have so much to do. I'm not one of those people that say I have so much to do and then just sit at home and do nothing. Recently most of that stuff has been outside of my home and consisted of seeing friends, going to the doctor, getting my hair cut, going to other family events. All of that has left me really tired recently, and staying up late. So I've been sleeping in a little later than usual, about 9 or 10 AM instead of 8. Usually I get up and get ready to go out right away. This has left me with no time to pack or make sure that I have everything that I need. Now among my parents brilliant plan to have this party they decided to redistribute the rooms. My sister is moving into my room and my brother into hers. Honestly I'm kind of okay with this except for a few things. One, my sister and I shared a room until we turned our office into a bedroom. Now I wanted that room originally but my brother got it and then my sister got his room. Now I'm going to be going into that room anyway, when I'm home from college. It would have made so much more sense for me to go into there originally like I wanted. Also we'd/ I'd be saving time on not having to pack away all my things, including everything that I'm not taking to college. I guess in a way it'll make it easier though because this way everything will be totally packed for when I move out for good, but still. Now I'm struggling to find huge boxes to pack absolutely everything up, and the time to do it.

Another reason I'm pissed is because I still have to go through all my things and make notes of what I don't have, then find the time to actually go and get whatever I still need, hence another reason my parents should have shopped with me and not done it all on their own. Honestly I think I'm going to get to college, hate what they bought because it doesn't work the way I wanted it to or it's totally boyish or something. Then I'll have to send it all back with them and buy my own stuff with my own small fund of money, which is supposed to be going towards payment of tuition. Either way this party is stressing both them and me out, and it's just making me even more mad because they're so unprepared and I feel like they are not only wasting the little time I have left, and their own. And there is nothing more that I hate than people who waste my time.

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