Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Memory of....

This is my in memory of list. Basically it's just a list of all the dogs that meant something to me at my time at my old job. I know I'll probably miss more than a few so I'll be updating my list as I remember. So here's the list. Maybe I'll include some pics of them. This list is in not in any specific order, just as I think of them.

P.S. I started doing descriptions right off the bat and realized that it would take me forever. So, right now I'm just going to focus on trying to get all the names down so I won't forget. Some dogs, I'll include some bios, if there's something fresh on my mind about them, so I don't forget.

Remi (Brittany): He was gone for the week I started working, at hunting "school", and everyone kept talking about him. Saying how excited they were for him to be coming back. Eventually I figured out why. He's such an awesome dog! He reminds me of Peter Pan, a boy that won't grow up. He just has this sweet fun child like spirit about him. His mom was also pregnant when I started and had a beautiful baby girl. He's such a sweetheart with the greatest spirit, and I will truly miss him.

Piper (Golden Retriever): I'm totally stealing the name for one of my own dogs! Ah Piper, she's got a personality, and I love it! I can't really put it into words, she just has this attitude about her, but not in a bad way. She always did get really pissed off when dogs stepped on her when she was sleeping, or when dogs were barking too much. The thing I really loved about her was how excited she got to see me, it made me feel special. She would always jump up on me and put her both paws on one of my arms while I pet her with my free hand. She loved to be pet and returned the favor with my licks of love. She is one of the most gorgeous goldens I've ever seen and I want one that looks just like her and acts like her! She totally reminds me of a really good friend of mine.

Pickles (Old English Sheepdog): I will miss Pickles that's for sure. And yes, her name is seriously Pickles and no, I don't think the people who own her have any kids. Even through her terribly high pitched barking. I'll miss the way she liked to be pet and how she walked so slowly to go home. (No dogs did that, they were all running and pulling on there leashes, not Pickles.) Anyway even though she wasn't an absolute favorite of mine I probably worked with her two days a week, give or take.  As annoying as she could be I'll miss her, she is a really good dog.

Wolf (Black German Shepherd): The big black German Shepherd that made me want a big black German Shepherd. He definitely was a bigger dog and German Shepherd. He was tall and didn't have that weird, jut out your legs German Shepherd. He was a tall handsome boy with a set of gorgeous amber eyes. The only thing was he would sometimes bark at you as you passed his kennel, it can be quite intimidating. But he was so cool. He's just one of those dogs that you think are so cool. He would chase his tail a lot, and it was cute. He loved to play with other younger dogs, it was funny watching him be so good with the littler dogs. I think this was just with me but he would always try to, and sometimes succeed with going between my legs. Golden Retrievers are notrious of doing this but I never had a shepherd. Anyway sometimes he'd surprise me so much I had to stand on my tip toes so he could bulldoze through. Otherwise I'd have to practically climb off of him or go backwards. He was such an awesome dog and the reason that an ALL Black German Shepherd is on the top five-ish on my list to have in my lifetime.

Buster (Belgian Sheepdog): The last bath I ever gave. *More Soon*

Buster (Lab Mix): Buster's head smelled like tacos, or Mexican food, whichever you prefer. It was pretty awesome! *More Soon*

Frankie (St. Bernard):

Kylah (Golden Retriever):

Tucker D. (Golden Retriever):

Jasmine (English Golden Retriever): We actually shared a last day! Jasmine was a frequent boarder and happened to be boarding with us during my last few days. She was supposed to get picked up my second to last night but wasn't, and was still there when I got there my last day. I was really glad to be able to say goodbye. She was my little polar bear girl, she reminded me of a polar bear. Which is ironic because she's moving to Florida.

Bailey Hall (Shitz Zhu):

Reggie (Laberdoodle): He's a smaller laberdoodle that's for sure, but he is so sweet. He has a very shy sweet personality. He was staying with us during my last week and we really got close.  In the beginning he was very shy of me and everyone else, including the dogs. For some reason he tugged at my heart a little and so I gave him lots of special attention. We then became very close and he would get very excited when I came in with the little dogs. He was so amazing. I also noticed that he was still very shy with other people when they were putting him away for a meal or taking him out to our yards, but not me. It made me feel good to know that we shared a bond. I was really sad to leave him that day!

Oliver (Laberdoodle): I didn't know Oliver extremely well as he just came his first day a month or two back and then didn't come until the week I was leaving. But, that said he and Reggie got along so well. They were almost exactly the same size and reminded me of little brothers. I wanted to steal them both so bad! They were just the perfect little pair. Reggie being more shy and Oliver more outgoing.

Oliver (Big Black Lab):

Stanley (Basset Hound):

Bug (Moxie) and Lucy (Puggle and Pug):

Lucy (Miniature Dachshund):

Louie (Cockapoo):

Cooper (Cockapoo):

George (Cockapoo): I only met him once, but I absolutely fell in love with him. He got me hooked on Cockapoos. I loved the way his hair was really long and kind of "jumped" up and down with his movements.

Grandpa George (Springer Spaniel):

Sammy (Springer Spaniel):

Halo (American Bulldog):

Charlie (American Bulldog):

Sampson (Bull Mastiff):

Jake and Kona (Great Danes):

Yava and Bubbles (Great Danes):

Bristol (Great Dane):

Prince (Black Lab):

Jake (Yellow Lab):

Sammy and Dylan (Yellow Labs):

Ada (Black Lab):

Brody (Black Lab):

Bella (Pit Bull):

Betsy Ross (Pit Bull):

Miika (Pit Bull):

Bear (Black Mini American Eskimo):

Pepe (Chihuahua):

Samantha (King Charles Cavalier):

Luna (King Charles Cavalier):

Nala (Greman Shepherd Dog):

Elanor (German Shepherd Husky mix):

Trooper (Old Black Lab):

Greta (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog):

Piper and Taggart (Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs): Siblings but belong to different families, it's a small world. 

Bear (Tibetan Mastiff):

Bella (Bernese Mountain Dog):

Smores  (Clumber Spaniel):

Kili (Brittany):

Maya (Shiba Inu): Actually her mom told my dad about the job. So thanks to her I worked there for almost a year!

Teddy Bear (Teddy Bear):

Otto (German Shepherd):

Vivi and Nanaki (Tiny Pugs):

Ginger (Terrier mix)

Valetta (Terrier mix)

Milo (Rhodesian Ridge-back mix):

Diesel (Alaskan Malamute):

Diesel (Rottweiler):

Dash (Balck Lab):

Hudson (Black Lab):

Otis (Pomeranian Poodle mix):

Jack (Black Lab):

Jack Moe (Black Lab Collie mix):

Mack (Lab mix):

Zoe and Annabelle (Laberdoodle and Cockapoo):

Buttkus (Newfoundland):

Biro and Scrappy (Miniature Schnauzers): 

Sadie (Goldendoodle):

Taz (German Shorthaired Pointer):

Pinot (Shitz Zhu):

Maddie (Puggle):

Newton and Roger (Lab mix and White Boxer):

Noah (Lab mix): He has elbow displesia, and is a super sweet boy. 

Sammy (Bulldog):

Holly (Yellow Lab):

Sam (Brindle Boxer):

Sugar (Golden Retreiver):

Cooper (Black Flatcoated Retriever):

Myles and Mason (Mastiffs):

Misty (Terrier mix):

Gus (Boxer):

Bernie (Cockapoo)

Eli (Dachshund):

Roxie (Mini Goldendoodle)

Wyatt and Duncan (Goldendoodle and Cockapoo):

Louie (Goldendoodle):

Shadow (Cockapoo):

Sprecher (Lab Collie mix):

Harper and Bogart (Laberdoodles):

Rosie and Serena (Pit Bulls):

Kody (Beagle mix):

Khunna and Mottata (Laberdoodle and Border Terrier): I mean come on, named from the Lion King, how cool!

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